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NCAA Player Rights

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There is an interesting court case unfolding in NC.  You can read about it here. The question for FTRS readers is this, "Who do you pull for in this case?"

On the one hand, a verdict in favor of McAdoo improves the Tar Heel team and makes our schedule tougher.  On the other hand, is the authority of the NCAA.  On which side do you fall?  Would you feel the same way if McAdoo was a Tech player?

The guys at Tar Heel Fan have done a good job of laying out the case.  Do you agree that a minor case of academic misconduct should be punished this harshly?  Are there any cases of "minor" academic misconduct.  My wife, a college prof, says no.  She says cheating is cheating.  But her penalty would be an F in the course.

Your thoughts?