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Friday's Random 10 Is Optimistic Since Tech Plan On Appealing NCAA Violations

It was reported last night in the AJC that Georgia Tech will appeal the ridiculous decisions handed down by the NCAA.

Unsatisfied with the NCAA’s ruling and feeling its integrity has been challenged, Georgia Tech plans to push back against a judgment that took away its 2009 ACC football title.

On to the music!

1. Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood


3. White Denim - Street Joy

4. Right Above It - Lil' Wayne

5. Sweater Song - Weezer

6. Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers

7. Melissa - Allman Brothers

8. Stone Rollin' - Raphael Saadiq

9. Dweller On The Threshold - Van Morrison

10. Bicycle Race - Queen

Have a good weekend everyone