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Reflections on the past week

I have not said much in comments, but after reflection, here is my take on the investigation and reaction to it.

I think the administration did not take the investigation seriously at the beginning.  With some reason, their focus was on the upcoming games against UGA and Clemson.  It seems to me everyone thought the idea of us cheating was preposterous in the extreme. In retrospect, that initial attitude was a mistake.

I wonder if the NCAA interview had anything to do with Bay Bay dropping that pass?  Had he lost some of his focus?  I guess it doesn't matter now, as a win would have been stripped.  I also wish we had gotten better advice from our attorney.  Declaring Bay Bay ineligible and asking for an immediate reinstatement would have cleared the air with the NCAA from the start.

That said, it seems to me that the NCAA had a chip on its shoulder from the start of the inquiry.  I think they came in with an attitude and the Tech officials responded accordingly.  I can easily see CPJ using the rulebook to find every advantage possible on the field, but I cannot see him actually cheating.  If we were going to cheat as an institution, we would do it on the scale being done at UGA and be more successful on the field.  When AJ Green can survive for five semesters in college, someone is doing some cheating.

After all is this is behind us, I think we will see the penalties had little affect on the field.  CPJ will use the NCAA as a motivational tool and get more from the team this season.  The penalties and publicity hurt our sense of fairness about how our university is being treated, but we will be OK in the end. 

The season is just over a month away.  The team will come to campus focused and ready.  I was pissed at first, but that is past. 

Let's GO Jackets!!!  To Hell With Georgia!!!