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Georgia Tech Is Naturally Expected To Appeal NCAA Sanctions

In an appearance on the Barnhardt and Durham Radio Show, Georgia Tech Athletics Director Dan Radakovich has mentioned that the Institute is looking into appealing the ruling handed down by the NCAA.

Quick recap of his comments via TheHive message board

Quick Recap:

- Vacating of 2009 Championship is excessive, would like to appeal
- Work being done right now to look at past rulings and see how our case compares
- Talked about declaring players ineligible and apply for reinstatement, but decided there was not grounds to declare them ineligible.  It would've been extra risky to do so given the short week (Thanksgiving)
- It didn't seem feasible to not let CPJ know about the investigation somehow
- There was no effort to manipulate anything a S-A told the NCAA, in fact it was quite the opposite
- Working to put together a case for an appeal ASAP - hopefully this week but may take until next week

It should be expected by all parties that Georgia Tech should appeal the ruling by the NCAA. I do not know how much of this supposed appeal will include the basketball violations.