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CBS Sports Reporting Georgia Tech Will VACATE 2009 ACC Championship

Brett McMurphy of is reporting that a source has told the news organization that Georgia Tech will vacate the 2009 ACC championship.

Presently an NCAA news conference is scheduled to start at 3PM EST where more details are to be aired out. Currently many believe that there are issues surrounding Demaryius Thomas and Morgan Burnett who reportedly received a T-SHIRT AND A WATCH! from a booster. Both played influential roles in 2009. Speculation leads us to believe that vacating the 2009 title is a direct link to Tech's soon-to-be status as a "repeat offender" from its probation period back in 2005-2007. The Yellow Jackets had until November 2010 to clear the probationary period to be cleared of any penalties that could call them as a repeat offender.

Both players have denied accepting gifts from agents according to the AJC's Doug Roberson

Georgia Tech is scheduled to host a press conference at 4:30PM EST.