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Georgia Tech Will Host Press Conference At 4:30 PM To Address NCAA Violations

Just before 10AM this morning, news broke that the NCAA contacted Georgia Tech about some potential violations. Since that time, more news has broken and but most of the story continues to be vague. This would be the first violations to happen under Paul Johnson.


Zach Klein continues to be our main source of information today as he has just reported that Georgia Tech will hold a press conference at 4:30 PM to address the NCAA violations scheduled to come out at 10AM 3PM this afternoon. Bud Peterson, the Georgia Tech President, will be in attendance at this press conference.

The football team will be having a team meeting sometime today as well.

Here is what we believe so far.

1. Demaryius Thomas, Morgan Burnett, and the 2009 football season are involved.

2. The main concern at hand is that the players received a t-shirt and a watch. Did they each receive a watch and a shirt? Did one receive a watch and the other a shirt? Nobody knows.

3. Georgia Tech's last violation probation ended in 2007 when they lost scholarships due to "misapplying an NCAA eligibility rule."