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Should Georgia Tech Fans Expect A Tandem At Quarterback In 2011?

Is Georgia Tech in a quarterback controversy? With suddenly two, maybe three, quarterbacks who are in some position to fight it out for the starting position in the Fall, Paul Johnson finds himself in a unique situation.

In Ken Sugiura's lastest entry in the AJC on Georgia Tech position breakdowns, he evaluates the quarterback situation. There's nothing really new to be found in the article, just laying the foundation for the fall.

Key fact: Coach Paul Johnson has made it clear that Washington is the starter going into fall camp. It could change once practice begins, but Washington did enough last season and in spring practice to maintain a lead on Days.

It's been discussed amongst my inner circle that no one would be surprised if we saw a tandem battery of Tevin Washington / Synjyn Days working together to win ballgames. Tevin with the better arm, Synjyn with the footspeed. (I don't know enough about Vad Lee so I won't speculate, but I am always naturally wary against freshmen). Splitting Tevin and Synjyn about 50/50 could work well for the Yellow Jackets. Washington can still run the ball; Tech did still finish first in the nation in rushing under him and is the better passer between the two players. Days, and is elusive running is something that we will surely need this upcoming season.It would be a shame to not play him in specific series this season. It will also keep the two players healthy, an added bonus.

Both players are assets to the Yellow Jackets with different specialties that do not conflict, rather these abilities will work together. As we near the 2011 season, and begin to eye the success we saw in 2008 and 2009, splitting sharing the quarterback position in 2011 should be an idea worth considering.