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Bringing Back The Friday Random 10 For The Dog Days Of Summer

We did this a long  time ago and it got good community interaction. Here are the rules, turn on your music player, set it to shuffle, let it ride on out for 10 songs  and let us know who comes up.Here were are my morning jams.

This Friday's Random 10 is brought you by Mark Texeira as he blasted his 300th home run last night.


BTW, another GT baseball alum will be in town this weekend. Matt Wieters and the Baltimore Orioles take on the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.


1. Frayed by The Naked and the Famous

2. Bambi by Tokyo Police Club

3. Have I Told You Lately? by Van Morrison

4. Love For Granted by Phoenix

5. Walk In Space by Fingathang

6. Church Sonata No. 2 For 2 Violins, Bass, and Organ in B Flat Major - Mozart (Hey sometimes you just gotta rock out the classical stuff!)

7. Come And Go by The Allman Brothers

8. With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker

9. Bull Black Nova - Wilco

10. She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks


Who's on your playlist?