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Almost Four Years Later, Do You Still Enjoy Paul Johnson's Bold Personality

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It's an easy question really. Do you enjoy the bold style that Paul Johnson brings to The Flats? Refusing to punt and going for it on fourth down while always saying the right thing (to the media or against uga) he know how to rile our fanbase up. In 2009, the Yellow Jackets went for it on 4th down 55% of the time. Only five other teams went for it more than us that season.  2010 was the same attitude (55%) and CPJ has established his mentality, "when in doubt go for it."

He makes games exciting because of the way he handles himself on the field and in the way that he expects to see his team operate to perfection.

He knows how to work the media, we love his quotes which only further illustrates his fire.

Is it Paul Johnson's naturally bold personality the reason we like him as our coach? Or because Paul Johnson's  fire is so opposite that of Chan Gailey (and Mark Richt) that the difference in attitudes is the difference that don't want but need?