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If You Were Not a Tech Fan, What Would You Really Think About the Upcoming Football Season?

Pretend for a moment that you are reading about some team on the West Coast that you don't know much about. Let's say that all of the pundits predict this particular team to finish no higher than fourth in their division in a two division conference. Having time to kill you read further and you discover that they have multiple question marks.

Reading further you discover that (1) the primary running back in their offense did not start last year (2) they have a quarterback who has yet to prove he can pass (3) their receivers have yet to prove they can catch a ball (4) the team had a propensity to fumble last year and (5) they seem to have trouble fielding a healthy and consistent offensive line.

Thinking it can't get much worse you are astonished to read that (6) they have no proven nose tackle to fill their 3/4 defense (7) they have all new starters in their secondary and (8) they had one of the worst special teams in the nation last year. You find yourself a little surprised that this team is ranked even as high as it is in their conference. But then you dig further and discover that they have a remarkable coach who often surprises the pundits.

So what do you think? If the team in question is not on the West Coast but in fact is our very own Yellow Jackets do you explain away all of these question marks and still believe they will have a great year?