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The NBA Draft And Iman Shumpert. Will The Phoenix Suns Bite Or Someone Else?

The NBA Draft is tonight and Iman Shumpert will soon learn his fate along with many other ballers. Here is some interesting reading material brought to you by our SBN Regional Sites.

First up, SBN Atlanta

Iman Shumpert On First Round Bubble

From their live news feed...

According to Chad Ford, Shumpert is now getting looks as high as No. 13 to the Phoenix Suns. That is quite a big jump for a player that initially was projected to go in the second round or perhaps even undrafted. The question is whether or not Shumpert is worthy of that type of consideration.

Speaking of Phoenix, the Regional Hub out there is high on Shumpert. It may be because of the comments put forth by Gani Lawal.

Seth Pollack of SBN Phoenix weighs the pros and cons of Shumperts abilities:

He's a tenacious defender considered a potential lock-down guy at the guard and wing positions and rebounds well above average for his position....What we don't know about Shumpert is if he can play the point guard position or shoot well enough to play off the ball. He's certainly not done that well in those areas after three years at Georgia Tech but his other attributes put him high enough up the board that it's worth looking at.