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Playing In The ChickFilA Classic Would Not Bore Georgia Tech Ticket Holders

Stories and ideas have been tossed around lately about Georgia Tech playing in the 2013 Chickfila Kickoff Classic,the same year the College Football Hall of Fame moves to Atlanta. While we love the idea of finally getting in that game, an opinion has been stated by a Steven Godfrey on SBN Atlanta this past week which poses questions about our ability to influence the "big boys" of college football.

Tech is deserving of a notable non-conference opponent -- see Notre Dame -- but one that actually stands to deliver the Yellow Jackets something in return. A neutral site game a mile from their own stadium nulls any potential excitement among ticket buying fans. The only appeal for GT to schedule such a game is the nebulous benefit of national exposure.

First thought is that this dude is completely wrong in "nulling excitement" because we're playing in the Dome. He must really enjoy those games against Jacksonville State and Samford. Woohoo.

Second...maybe he doesn't realize how cash-strapped our Athletic Association is a the moment. The lure of the money brought in by the CFA Classic would surely help the accounting books.

Moving on... is Georgia Tech in enough need for that said benefit of national exposure? While 2013 is two seasons away,the answer is probably a yes regardless. The Jackets are in the situation where they need to share the "mid-major" mentality: Win wherever, win however, and win often. People still remember the Gailey era, and to move past that vanilla time, excitement needs to be generated.  If that means playing a national powerhouse one time in Atlanta on a neutral field and then flying across country to win again, so be it.  Winning breeds excitement. As long as Tech can take care of business on the field, money, tickets, fans, and recruits will fall into place.