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Spurrier proposes colleges pay their professional football players

Steve Spurrier made a proposal at the SEC coaches meeting to pay players $300 per game for "expenses."  You can read the ajc article here.  Not everyone agrees, so it will not likely be done anytime soon.  However, this type of idea sets me off on a rant every time I hear a coach speak out "for the players."

The SEC has turned college football into a professional sport in every way except for the payments Spurrier proposed.  Why not go ahead and do that as well?  And, while you are doing it, why not pay the guys what they are actually worth?  If a substitute tight end is worth $300, what is an All-SEC running back worth? Would a limo and first class airline tickets be considered valid expenses?  What about a nice hotel room for mom?  And dinner at a nice place, not some drive-in joint with greasy chili dogs.

This would be a great opportunity to actually make the college game fairer for the players.  How about a contract that guaranteed their scholarship for the full four years (or five) instead of the one-year deal they get now?  I think CPJ has it right when he says the players are not served by over-signing, but he is a lone voice.  The SEC is about winning and no obstacle to that goal is acceptable .

And, while I am on a rant about Spurrier, just how many people are surprised that he is now saying Stephen Garcia is a changed man and should be allowed back on the Gamecocks 2011 team?  If he were a changed third team QB would Coach be so willing to let bygones be gone bye bye?  I bet not.  The hypocrisy of college football sometimes makes me ill.