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Random Wednesdays Make Us Wonder: What Happened To The Blog?

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Great question. As life continues onward different things take priority and it's difficult trying to find a topic of conversation.Trying to identify news worthy pieces rather than just a rambling commentary of snark-filled humor is also more difficult. Did this site get "newsy" for a while? Maybe. I mean, there's always going to be recaps and numbers and bits that look like the AP wrote up a quick piece but I think this blog needs more anger, more tirade, more "the world is falling down!!!!" Well maybe.The offseason sucks because there's little to do for sports and lots to do with what? life?

I think the 2011 football season can be labeled as Paul Johnson's "establishment year" because he finally has his players in the roles that are needed to win football games. We should throw out the past three seasons, yes even the Orange Bowl appearance, ACC Championship and the win against Georgia. How did we win? Little bit of luck and a good ball bouncing our way, but we also won with Gailey's players, the old regime. The vailla-gime.

This year we'll see HIS quarterback, HIS A-back, HIS B-back. We'll see individuals that are built for the system of Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech football.

Who's excited for football? I sure as hell am, this rambling makes me continue the countdown (79 days) until we kick off against Western Carolina and all is right in the world.

Turning the page to a new era and turning the corner at the same time. GEORGIA TECH FOOTBALL.