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Now that Iman is going to the NBA.

Now that Iman is going to the NBA, would you prefer that we try to find another recruit/transfer to fill his roster slot, or use that spot for next season?  Kevin Ware is clearly not coming to Tech unless something really weird happens, and Bobby Parks is not coming either.  Who else is out there?

If we could get someone, what would you go for?  We seem to be OK at SG & SF, and PF has a highly regarded rookie.  The 5 spot has some bodies, as does PG.  I think we really need a ball handler who can play some D.  Is Mfon that guy?  Not from what I saw last year.  Reed is a huge question, in spite of his reputation.  Neither of these guys is likely to "take over" a game in the final minutes.

In the middle, Miller needs to play more consistently and with more confidence.  Can he play 30 minutes a game?  Hopefully Hicks will give him some relief.

I think we are very vulnerable in both positions.