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Paul Johnson Solidifies Himself As Best Football Coach Golfer In The South

Paul Johnson doesn't care about golfing trophies.
Paul Johnson doesn't care about golfing trophies.

Paul Johnson took part in, and won, the Chick fil A Challenge yesterday. The Challenge is a golf tournament scramble-style for college football coaches of both the ACC and SEC where each coach is paired with a celebrity former athlete. Johnson was paired with a buddy from previous tournament, Jon Barry.

Coach Johnson also won the par-three contest the day before, landing just over 2 feet away from the pin. He's quite the golfer, but this is already known if you're a Techie.


Team                                                                  Score                    Winnings
Georgia Tech    (Paul Johnson / Jon Barry)                     -11                               $120,000
Tennessee        (Derek Dooley / Stanley Morgan)           -8                                 $60,000
Ole Miss           (Houston Nutt / Wesley Walls)              -7                                 $40,000
South Carolina   (Steve Spurrier / Sterling Sharpe)         -7                                 $40,000
Virginia Tech    (Frank Beamer / Dell Curry)                   -7                                 $40,000
Clemson           (Dabo Swinney / Steve Fuller)                 -6                                 $25,000
Wake Forest     (Jim Grobe / Riley Skinner)                    -5                                 $20,000
Miami               (Al Golden / Gino Terretta)                     -4                                 $15,000
Alabama           (Nick Saban / Chris Mohr)                        -3                                 $10,000
Maryland          (Randy Edsall . Stan Gelbaugh)                -3                                 $10,000
Miss. State        (Dan Mullen / Fred McCrary)                 -3                                 $10,000
NC State          (Tom O’Brien / Torry Holt)                     +1                                $10,000


Mark Richt must not be any good at golf. The tournament is scheduled to air August 6th at noon and December 31st at 11AM.