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Who Is Georgia Tech's Toughest Road ACC Opponent In 2011?

Two days ago we discussed our home schedule and Virginia Tech ran away with the voting. Today, we ask: Who's the toughest ACC team that we play on the road?

October 1: North Carolina State Wolfpack

Relax: Russell Wilson is gone. The 2010 game should be a long and distant memory

Worry: Jon Tenuta's blitzkrieg

October 15: Virginia Cavaliers

Relax: Paul Johnson broke the curse of Charlottesville in 2009. Cavaliers also don't have any offensive personnel to speak of.

Worry: The game is in Charlottesville. You should know your history.

October 22: Miami Hurricanes

Relax: Why so many quarterback issues in the ACC? Miami is just like the rest.

Worry: In 2010, they ran the ball down our throats. 2011 seems like they'll use the same approach.

November 19: Duke Blue Devils

Relax: It's Duke

Worry: That you might drink too much and miss the game

What do you think? Vote in the poll and discuss below.