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Weekly Baseball Wrap-up: GT sweeps BC, falls to UGA

This past week Georgia Tech reached their 30th win of the season by sweeping BC 2-0, 8-1, & 10-8.  Unfortunately, we dropped the final game of the three game series against UGA Tuesday at Turner Field.  Thankfully we still took that series 2-1.  This weekend we head to Clemson who happen to be 13-2 over the last fifteen.  We have fourteen games left so hopefully the good guys can finish strong.  A series sweep over Clemson would be a great way to do just that.

What with the Hawks in the playoffs and it being Easter weekend, the family and I were close by and the wife and I decided to catch the BC game Saturday.  We initially wanted to catch the T-Day game, but family obligations delayed us.  However, it was a beautiful weekend to watch all forms of sports, so long as you kept a little sunscreen on hand.  That being said, I was very pleased with the turnout at Russ Chandler.  Yes, there was a large percentage that were carryovers from the football game, but that is just fine by me.  It's just nice seeing a nearly full stadium of white and gold.

As for the game itself, it was fairly subdued minus the offensive explosion in the bottom of the third by GT, scoring six.  BC made a few costly errors and never really had their pitching or hitting going.  Bradley pitched a gem of a game going 7 innings with 1 ER and 6 SO and was followed by Jacob and Smelter, both throwing just as well with 0 ER and 3 SO combined for 2 IP.

I know I've stated it before, but the success of this squad thus far with 17 freshmen on the roster is just amazing to me.  These kids can flat out play some ball and I think that all of their success is just another example of Danny Hall's greatness.  No matter the circumstances, Hall always seems to find a way to put a winning ball club together year after year.  I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm extremely excited about the prospects of this squad over the next two years.  Thoughts?