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T-Day Notes: Here Are My Thoughts From Saturday, What Did You Think?

Saturday was a good day to take in some Georgia Tech sports. It wasn't unbearably hot and we got to watch some football. What else could you ask for? How about a Yellow Jacket sweep over Boston College? Tech moves to 30-11 overall and will play georgia next at Turner Field this Tuesday.

As for football, I don't know how many new things I really learned from Saturday. Coaches learn more from these games than do the fans but here are my notes in a semi-organized fashion. What were yours?

Defense: Second string defense looked soft, especially in the first half. Synjyn Days, Preston Lyons, and Richard Watson were producing big yards. Lyons himself had a great first half as he seemed to put up 4-6 yards per touch by running up the middle everytime. Hit the line, and hit it hard! I can't tell you much about how our first team defense did other than there seemed to be good coverage on deep pass situations. These games make me focus on our offense a little too much. First string defense thoughts anybody???

Offense: Synjyn Days is the real deal. I am very excited for the season to come just so I can watch him develop more as a player. I think we can get to the point where Tevin and Synjyn alternate at a fairly good level and we both have a threat at QB. I was talking to my friend next to me and we concluded that where Josh Nesbitt had power, Synjyn Days has elusiveness. He danced around that field while juking defenders and picking up the necessary yards. 

We threw a decent amount for Tech football (maybe I was just looking for it). One play I enjoyed was a Synjyn Days-to-BJ Bostic A-back crossing pattern for a touchdown in the first quarter. I felt that was executed pretty well. We had quite a few A-backs catching footballs as well which is a plus in and of itself! One curious note about the passing was that we saw a lot of short pass attempts rather than the deep routes toss it up for Stephen Hill/ BeBe.