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Georgia Tech Landmark, Junior's Grill Is Suddenly Closing



I just got word that Junior's Grill will be closing its doors on Thursday. This comes as a sad and sudden realization that one more tradition of Georgia Tech will be placed in the archives rather than lived by future freshman. Seriously, who had the best chicken tenders? Juniors!

So we all have two days to head to the top of the hill and grab a quick bite to eat at the diner that fed us (at least me) multiple times over, from the late night all nighters needing breakfast, to a Friday afternoon kicking the week off, Junior's gave me my food.

I once completed the "Junior's Sweep", where I had lunch and breakfast at the restaurant every day for a solid week. It was an expensive but worthwhile week.

RIP Juniors. Thanks for the memories, the meetings, the chicken tenders, Miss Anne, and Tommy.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to go grab some lunch.