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Wes' Father, Woody Durham Is Retiring From The UNC Broadcast Booth

It is being reported on The Hive, one of the many Georgia Tech message boards, that Woody Durham is retiring from the broadcast booth at North Carolina. Woody Durham is the father of our own Wes Durham. Forty years of broadcasting is a long time. After that, one gets comfortable with a voice.

I didn't listen to a single game that Woody broadcasted, and my knowledge on him is limited. But I can appreciate the length of time he spent doing play-by-play and it makes me appreciate the duration Wes has put into our games. It will be an odd thing for those UNC fans to hear the new "voice of the Tarheels". I grew up, growing as a Tech fan, thanks to Wes Durham and internet radio streaming (we couldn't get GT games on TV in Dayton, OH).

So Wes, while your dad retires today, I want to say thank YOU for all the time and energy you've put into Georgia Tech athletics and I hope you continue pushing on through for a long time. Lord knows my ears would appreciate it.