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Insert "GT Holier Than The Rival" Comment Here

Earlier this morning, the names of three georgie recruits were released as suspects in the case of stolen ipods from georgie's locker room. Marquis Hawkins, Deion Bonner, and an unnamed player are all recruits for the 2012 or 2013 season.

If it all ends to be true, it's a sad day for college sports and yes, even Mark Richt and the dogs. While most of uga's problems involve "stereotypcial college kid problems", this incident has people stealing from their own (they are all recruits, so kind of). T Kyle King:

The good news is that no current or former Georgia football players were involved in these shenanigans. The bad news is that three recruits were, which basically torpedoes any shot these young men had of ever wearing the red and black.

I am not naive enough to say that Tech is above all problems, I know what happened with Joe Hamilton and Reuben Houston. But do you think Georgia Tech will ever have to deal with situations like these? Even though we are in Atlanta, what keeps most Tech players out of the news? Is it actually the fact that we are in Atlanta?

When Georgia Tech was integrated peacefully in the 1960's, Tech students were described as "too busy to hate." Can this mentality be paralleled to our football program? student body in general?

Either way, when a program is placed under the microscope for any reason, things get messy.