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Gani Lawal Update from Phoenix Suns Insider

In January of this year, Gani Lawal suffered several torn ligaments in his right knee while playing for the Phoenix Suns. He only got to play 113 seconds of pro ball his entire rookie season. Seth Pollack from SBN Arizona/Bright Side of the Sun connected with Winfield and myself about Gani's rehab progress:
Talked to Gani Lawal, he was in a great mood. He ran on the treadmill today for the first time. He said his knee is about a month ahead of schedule and he'll be staying in Phoenix to work on his rehab until the lock out.

Gani said he expects to be 100% by July or early August and is dying to play. He's bulked up a bit and looks ripped. He is going to enroll in some classes at Georgia Tech in July to work on finishing his degree in business/finance. It's been three months since he tore up his knee His plan for next season is to bang, rebound, run the floor and bring energy -- same plan as before.

He said he talk to Derrick Favors recently -- Favors is happy in Utah and enjoys playing for Coach Corbin. He has more freedom there than in New Jersey.
Big thanks goes out to Seth. Bright Side of the Sun is the best NBA blog on SBN. Also, thanks for hitting us up with this update on Gani's progress. Tech fans love to hear about former student athletes pursuing their degrees after early departures.