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Spring Football

When I worked in mid-town, one of my favorite springtime activities  took me to the GT campus to watch football practice.  Without a roster with names and numbers, I was never quite sure who was doing what, but it was fun to watch.  CPJ has almost all the practices closed this season, so few of us have any idea what is happening.  As a result, very little has been written.  I believe, with T-Day coming up in just over a week, we should start talking about football.

One of the big questions for this spring is quarterback.  The battle seems to be between Synjyn Days and Tevin Washington to see who replaces Joshua Nesbitt.  David Sims is listed as a QB, but we are deep into the smelly stuff if he takes a snap this fall.  So, the battle clearly between Days and Washington should be raging everyday in spring practice.  Days has never played, except to run the opponents' offense in practice, so we can only guess how well he will do if he plays.  However, for Washington, we have a pretty good idea.

In the four games he started, Tevin was pretty good.  Not great, but OK.  The offense tanked the bowl game, as it has done all three of CPJs years at Tech, so I am omitting that game from my data.  Tevin led the Jackets to offensive output of 401 yards while losing to Miami, 410 yards against Duke, and put 512 yards on the Dogs.  Tech's 2010 per game offense with Tevin at QB are better than Nesbitt's.  His failing is turnovers.  But, if I remember correctly, Joshua had the same problem in 2008.

That said, I am excited about seeing Vad Lee on campus.  He may be the most dynamic Tech player recruited in many years.  In high school he was a passing QB who could run.  He has a will to win and the ability to focus that is uncommon in teens.  It will be interesting to see how the competition plays out at QB.