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ACC Baseball Snapshot: Where Does Georgia Tech Stand Today?

Like any true Georgia Tech sports fan, I was very happy to see Virginia leave town Sunday evening and was relieved to see us avoid the sweep by a narrow double play in the bottom of the 9th inning. Virginia was in no way physically intimidating, rather consistently annoying. Never going away, slapping hits around,and then BAM! home run to go ahead.

Over the season, I have played the cynic and was worried to know when the "freshman wall" was going to hit our team and whatever weaknesses we contain would be exposed. The Cavaliers showed us that the Jackets can hang around for 5-7 innings but then get outlasted.

So, where do we stand now? With North Carolina winning the series against Florida State (2 games to 1), the Jackets took a bit of a  hit. Here's the latest in the ACC Standings per

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Virginia 13-2 .867 32-3 .914
North Carolina 12-3 .800 30-5 .857
Georgia Tech 12-3 .800 25-9 .735
Miami 11-3 .786 21-11 .656
Duke 4-11 .267 20-16 .556
Virginia Tech 3-12 .200 17-17 .500


Tech takes the quick hit and falls to third place in the Coastal Division. The ACC Tournament takes the top two teams from each division, and then the next top four teams regardless of division. Nobody expects Tech to fall far enough below to miss the tournament but a top two finish in the Coastal would be an accomplishment worth noting.

Georgia Tech and North Carolina will square off head-to-head in Atlanta during the weekend of May 13-15.

For a point of reference, here is the ACC Atlantic Division standings:

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 9-6 .600 24-9 .727
Boston College 6-8 .429 13-17 .433
Clemson 6-9 .400 19-13 .594
NC State 5-10 .333 18-15 .545
Wake Forest 5-10 .333 13-20 .394
Maryland 3-12 .200 16-17 .485