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Ramblin Reck Involved In Yet Another Accident

So this is what we've got so far.

Last night, we were told the Ramblin' Reck driver took the car to Rocky Mountain Pizza, a restaurant nearby Tech campus. He left with 3 other people (one male and two females) later that night, on their way to get the Varsity for FOs before it closed. After turning left onto North Avenue, the driver (who, from what I understand, was distracted by the passenger in the cab), ran a red light at Williams St. and collided with a car that was turning left onto North Avenue.

The front end is considerably damaged. The axle, although visibly broken, was in good enough shape for the Reck to be pushed through campus back where it generally resides when not in use. The entire front of the Reck's body is damaged, so basically everything from the left door to all of the front end metal has to be replaced. The horn was destroyed as well as the front left light. Still waiting for a report on the engine.

So here's the deal. Since football season is so far away, there should be time to fix the Reck. If it is just metalwork, then everything should be ok. Let's hope that there is no real damage under the hood.

Due to the extent of the damages, those in charge of the car are considering ways to modify the Reck and turn it into a convertible.

Don't expect to hear from us for a while. We will be very, very busy for the next couple of days/weeks/months, to say the least as this blog's contributors only continue to prove their worth in knowledge and expertise when it comes to getting the Ramblin' Reck ready in record time.