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Georgia Tech Basketball Send The AMC Goes Out In Style. Flashes Of Brilliance Make Us Wonder.

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As I was walking into Alexander Memorial Coliseum yesterday I had a distinct feeling of wondering whether I really cared about winning or losing. I didn't know because of the apathy that had moved in inside me. All I knew was that I was there for the Coliseum. I wanted to be there for the historical significance of it all. Others felt the same way I am sure.

What we all got was a good basketball game and a loud crowd. A crowd that I hadn't seen in a very long time. One could tell there was something different yesterday that separated itself from every other home game this season. It was a flash of brilliance on for both the fans and the players, and when the two joined together, it was a game that could make you wonder what could have been.

I could jump into statistics about Iman Shumpert leading the charge and Lance Storrs having a great performance but stats haven't mattered for this team. What mattered most was the feeling, the emotion and electricity that came out of that game...the knowledge that neither party (fanbase, team) had completely, 100% forgotten their roles or their purpose.

By the time I walked out of the arena, I knew that seeing the win was what I really wanted. Living in mediocrity isn't fun and neither is complaining. The flash of brilliance we saw yesterday was a great way to send out the team and the Coliseum.

So long AMC, thanks for the 55 years.