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2011 Georgia Tech Spring Football: Top Topics

In the excitement about Brian Gregory's hiring to coach the basketball team, we forgot that spring practice began for the 2011 Georgia Tech football team yesterday. Here are some questions that could be answered.

1. Quarterbacks

Oh Joshua Nesbitt, we already miss you. Two quarterbacks are seriously vying for the starting position in Tevin Washington and Synjyn Days. Can Tevin hold his starting role that he assumed after Nesbitt went down last year? Or will Synjyn perform as anticipated and take over? If you have a chance to catch a practice, watch out for these two players.

2. Special Teams

Virginia Tech haunts me in my sleep. Nesbitt gets injured and horrible coverage allows the Hokies to score that touchdown. The Yellow Jackets also struggled on the returning side of special teams. See Bird's statistical breakdown here:

Where Georgia Tech special teams aren't necessarily special

3. Ball Handling

We fumbled too much. In fact, we turned the ball over on fumbles 20 times last year. Many of them inside the red zone. Game changers.

4. Al Groh and the Georgia Tech 3-4 Defense

You can call me a softie if you want because I give a coach about one year to get his system into place before I get legitimately critical. Well, Coach Groh has had his buffer year. Can he get the defense to completely,100% grasp his 3-4 defense? Can we turn it into a successful tool for winning football games?

What do you want to see figured out during spring practice?