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To Those Who Are Upset And Underwhelmed About Brian Gregory: What Did You Expect?

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Georgia Tech fanbase that is never satisfied with anything,

Please get a grip on yourself and understand the reality of the situation. We are now finally paying for the mistakes left by the previous administration led by one David Braine. A buyout of Chan Gailey, a $7 million buyout of Paul Hewitt, and a $45 million renovation on the AMC new basketball arena has put the basketball program in a situation where a new hire had to be made in a cost-effective manner. You are kidding yourselves if you thought we had pockets deep enough to go after the "hot topics" of coaching hires this year.

I'll be the first to admit I am not oozing enthusiasm but that' because I am confident in myself to admit that I do not know all there is to know about the coaching ranks in college basketball. I am not an individual is going to grumble about why we didn't go after coaches who got their on the right page suddenly at the end of one season, a season we needed a new coach. So I look at this hire from a practical perspective like all of you should as well. Gregory's contract comes out to 6 years and $6 million, manageable in both the length and the financial aspects.

We know that he comes from good stock. He was an assistant under Tom Izzo of Michigan State for a total of six years over two tenures. (95/96 and '99-2003).  We know that the writers and so-called experts like the soundness of the hire. It's not sexy or exciting but let's call its sensible:

We also can see that he can put together squads that can win ballgames. In five of his eight years at Dayton, his teams reached the 20-win mark and he never had a losing season.

It's time to look at the situation and say "it is what it is" and pay off our debts and learn to never sign a contract that automatically rolls over. Give Brian Gregory a chance to prove himself and start winning games. Let 2011-2012 be the rediscovery year that we need so that we open a new home arena ready to take on the world.

And lastly, trust in DRAD. He hasn't failed us yet.