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So Where Do We Stand Now? A Georgia Tech Basketball Coach Search Update

Since Friday, the Georgia Tech coaching search has taken some serious curves as the pieces start falling into place.Here is what we can piece together.

1. Chris Mooney - We all breathed a sigh of relief when Richmond lost because Tech could finally interview the supposed #1 choice. Unfortunately, Richmond nullified any chances of us grabbing Mooney as they agreed to a ten-year extension Sunday afternoon with the coach. If an ACC school is outbid by an Atlantic-10 school, I would strongly recommend enhancing the "Atlanta experience" selling point.

2. Doug Wojcik (Tulsa) and Brian Gregory (Dayton) - Both have interviewed. For me, these two were both unexpected interviewees but their programs have put together respectable resumes. With Mooney's re-upping with the Spiders, I would expect these two individuals to shoot up the ladder.

3. Shaka Smart - As VCU continues to win, he fattens that potential paycheck. We should admit the truth and forget going after him.

4. Mark Price and Craig Neal Combination - All we know is that they supposedly interviewed

Are we experiencing what could be a worse case scenario for the basketball program? Paul Hewitt's buyout + huge renovations on the AMC = cash strapped budget for a new coach. I trust DRAD and his decision making. The opportunity is there for us to find a diamond in the rough. Only thing is, we may depend on it more than we initially thought.