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Matt Skole Pushes Georgia Tech To Victory In Up And Down Baseball Against georgia

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Last night kind of reminded me of college baseball before the latest bat regulations where every team's at-bat could drastically change the outcome of a game regardless of the scoring difference. After starting the game off in a tug of war of lead-taking (1-0 Jackets, 2-1 dog), the Jackets roared back and scored 8 unanswered runs in 3 consecutive innings. The 9 runs created mass doggie exodus out of Foley Field and led Jacket fans to take over the opposition with familiar cheers.

As the bottom of the 8th inning arrived, georgia took it upon themselves to make it into a game again and scored 4 runs, to make it a game again 9-6. Sudden thoughts of various NCAA Regional Round implosions jumped into my head as I received updates via my kid brother who was attending the game.

Fortunately, the Tech bats didn't go cold when called upon. In fact, they answered with resolve. Matt Skole connected solidly in the top of the 9th inning for a grand slam to put the Jackets up 13-6. Before the end of their last at-bat the Jackets put up two more runs to grab a total of 15 runs and put the dogs back into a deep hole. Georgia couldn't recover and make up the difference. Final Score: Georgia Tech 15 georgie 6.

Matt Skole stole the show last night without a doubt. He racked up 5 hits (5 - 5) and 8 RBI's, including the most important 4 in the 9th inning as a response to georgia's four in the 8th.

Georgia Tech has now won 13 games in a row and improves to 18-4 overall and 6-0 in the ACC. They will continue ACC play this weekend when they head to Coral Gables for a big conference matchup against the Miami Hurricanes, who are the only other unbeaten team in the ACC.

Did you attend the game last night? What are your thoughts?