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Should Georgia Tech Expect Iman Shumpert To Turn Pro?

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Iman Shumpert finished this season as Georgia Tech's 31st most prolific scorer all time with 1,166 career points (12.7 points/game). He has the 10th most free throw attempts in Georgia Tech history and the 11th most assists as well. The most impressive stat of Iman's was his on-the-ball defense. He racked up 207 steals during his first three seasons (4th most all-time at Tech). With the recent coaching change, one has to wonder if Iman will stick his name in the upcoming NBA Draft rather than deal with a transition year. I think the sad part, according to Twitter, is that Paul Hewitt's firing was leaked to ESPN before his players were even told.

So this brings up the question...Should we expect Iman to return to Georgia Tech? He is a great student, a leader on the court, and a vital part to our squad. Since Tech didn't make the Tourney, there wasn't a lot of hype behind Tech's 2010-2011 season to get him some needed national exposure before Draft day. And I haven't seen his name mentioned in any Mock Drafts either.

On the other hand, he probably hasn't thrown his name in the hat, yet. I bet a lot will depend on the new coach and system we see coming to Tech in the next month or so. What do you all think?