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Initial reactions to Paul Hewitt firing...

The first thing I'm gonna say is that I feel like this was a few years overdue. Despite the massive buyout, Paul Hewitt's poor performance in conference over this 10 year span has truly justified the termination. We aren't pulling a Wake or Virginia here, firing a coach two or three years on the job. CPH had a very successful year and a half and that was about it. Despite recruiting several NBA-calibre players during his tenure, Hewitt's squads have failed to string together back to back seasons that met or exceeded the fan base's expectations.

Enough with the past. Let's talk about the future. Who are our prospects? Are there any guys in our gun sights? What kind of money do we have after paying for Hewitt's new McClaren buyout?

I'd like to see us go after a young coach that has shown success as a tactician not necessarily a recruiter. I feel like Georgia Tech's location would allow a good coach to recruit (top 10 NBA pipeline). And a young coach wouldn't require a huge chunk of change to pick from a Midmajor. I think the best advice I have for our fan base is to not get too enamored with our new coach at first. This may be blaspemous to say...but I feel like CPH and CPJ used great seasons as collateral to get bigger contracts despite the fact that no one was really knocking on the door to pull them from Georgia Tech. Mob rule gave them both insane raises not logic or forethought.

Let's see if we can make it through March Madness before we rush to pick out a coach. I think we're gonna see a lot of Midmajor noise with a relatively weak Big 6 field. Perhaps there will be some low hanging fruit to pluck from the Midmajor tree. Any thoughts out there on future coaching prospects?