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Hoops vs. Football: Who had the more disappointing season?

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Who had a more disappointing season: 2010 football or 2010-2011 basketball? Football was coming off a BCS berth, ACC title, and 10 win season with a veteran backfield and new DC. Hoops was coming off a NCAA berth, ACCT runner up performance, and generally good season.

Football's worst loss was to a 3 win Kansas squad. Football had a great opportunity to knock off eventual ACC champ VPI but ended up giving it away in the 4th and losing star QB Josh Nesbitt in the process. Football had its first losing season since 1996.

Basketball's worst loss was to 8 win Kennesaw State (RPI 321). Basketball's brightest moments (like football) showed us the potential of the squad knocking out UNC and VT but the best opportunity to knock off an elite OOC opponent fell short (Syracuse). Hoops only won 1 road game the entire season...

Tech hoops never really solidified in the 2010-2011 season while Tech football hit every speed bump possible in 2010. Which team do you think had the more disappointing season, the derailed freight train or the captain-less ship? On the other hand, who has the best opportunity to improve in the 2011-2012 season?