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2011 NFL Combine Wrap Up: Anthony Allen Meets Expectations (From What We Could Find)

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Chan Gailey was on-hand for the NFL Combine. What did he think about Anthony Allen and the rest of the Yellow Jackets? via <a href="">AP/</a>
Chan Gailey was on-hand for the NFL Combine. What did he think about Anthony Allen and the rest of the Yellow Jackets? via AP/

Three Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were invited to participate in the NFL Combine over the past four days in Anthony Allen (RB), Jerrard Tarrant (S), and Mario Butler (DB). While three Jackets were invited, it was Allen who came in with the most attention. Measurements and results from the Combine were surprisingly difficult to find at the time of this posting. Should better information come around, please add it in the comments.

Last week, Bird discussed Correlating Combine Performance to Draft Status and advised our players to partake in as many of activities as they could. For Allen he specifically stated to "focus on speed and not strength."

Anthony must have listened to the wise old sage Bird, as he performed in just that manner. AA recorded a 4.54 40-yard dash time ( .05 seconds faster than Auburn god Cam Newton), a 4.06 shuttle run (3rd best for RBs in 2011, tied for best in 2010) and added a 41.5" vertical jump on just for good measure. His vertical jump is the best in 2011 and is tied for the best since 2006 amongst running backs. It was the 4th overall best vertical jump for all positions. He concluded the Combine as a Top-Performer for running backs in the Shuttle Run, 3-Cone Drill, and Vertical Jump. Allen's ability to show off good footwork in the 3-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle should be no surprise to Tech fans as it is essential for a B-back in Georgia Tech's offense to maneuver beyond the scrum of the line of scrimmage.

Edit 12:58 PM EST: FTRS reader ee8384 has found better statistics that show the Tech players performance measurements. View all results here. 

Mario Butler and Jerrard Tarrant Results. Anthony Allen full results

Overall performance results:

Vertical Jump: 41.5"

3-cone drill: 6.79 seconds

20-yard shuttle: 4.06 seconds

He did not participate in the 60-yard shuttle or broad jump.


Physical Measurement: The Combine measured Allen at 6'1", 228 lbs. His arms come in at 30 3/8" with hands the width of 9 5/8".


Now, let's compare Anthony Allen to Jonathan Dwyer , The 2010 B-Back to the 2009 B-Back

Dwyer bench pressed 225 lbs 15 times. Allen repped the weight 24 times.

Dwyer ran the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds. Allen ran the 40-yard dash in 4.54 seconds.


In 2010, 31 running backs were invited to the Combine. 12 of those 31 were drafted. The only non-Combine invitee to be drafted was Deji Karim from Southern Illinois. The average 40 time for Combine running backs who went undrafted was 4.63 seconds as opposed to the average drafted running back running a 4.52 second forty. That's a difference of 0.43 miles per hour.

-BirdGT in "Correlating Combine Results To Draft Status

If we compare AA to 2009 numbers, and look at his top performer rankings, Allen has put himself in a good position for a successful draft weekend. Mock Drafts before the Combine slotted him in ranges from a 5th round pick to an undrafted free agent...curious to see if any will adjust.

Georgia Tech's Pro Day will be held on March 9th in which all players will be able to showcase their skills for more scouts and coaches. We expect to hear about Josh Nesbitt during this day as well.

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