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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Basketball Free Throw Attempts Comparisons

It's an obvious illustration but in many times, a basketball victory or defeat comes down to free throws. Georgia Tech's average margin of victory is 1.90 points per game overall. Their average margin of victory in conference comes to 0.44 points per game.

In regards to free-throw shooting, Yellow Jacket opponents are attempting an average of 4 more shots per game. In conference, that number balloons to 9.5 more shots per game. Free points = greater potential for an easy victory. Plus, losing at the end leads to more FT attempts.  Only twice have the Jackets out shot their opponent at the line and lost the game (Kennesaw State and Miami) and only twice have the Jackets been out shot by their opponent and won the game (North Carolina and Niagara). Below is the breakdown. What are your thoughts?


And here's a graph for more visuals.