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Tech loses third straight ACC game to Clemson Tigers, 65-56.

Iman is 6 point away from 1,000 career points after playing 37 minutes in Tech's rough and tumble loss to the Clemson Tigers earlier today. The Jackets shot out to an early lead and then gave up a 21-0 run. Tech tied the game once in the second half but the Tigers were too tough to tame as the train came off the track on the AMC hardwood.

The three game losing streak is Tech's third three game losing streak of the season. Tech hasn't lost four games in a row since 2008-2009 season where Tech lost every game in February (7 straight).

The negatives were glaring in the effort. Tech shot 2 of 15 from behind the arc and Tech's primary point guards had a 3:10 assist to turnover ratio. Tech also allowed the Tigers to shoot 56.8% from the field including 7 of 14 from behind the 3 point line.

This is the point at which Tech's goal should be to make the NIT. The NIT isn't the greatest honor but it'll definitely give our youth some needed experience before next season. Tech will need a decent finish to the ACC season and a strong ACC Tournament performance to warrant any consideration for the NIT. I doubt we make it in but it would be nice to see Tech play a few more nationally televised games before the season ends.