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Miami Hurricanes 59 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 57. Tech Notches Another Road Loss

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost another road game last night as they took a 20-point deficit, narrowed it down to 1-point, and thanks to a controversial charge call +possible absent mindedness timeout management, still lost the game in the final seconds.

As the game entered the second half, the Yellow Jackets were facing their worst first half performance to date: 21 points in the first 20 minutes of the game. The Hurricanes, on the other hand, scored 31 points thanks to a last second buzzer shot that took more momentum into away from the Tech squad.

The second half ended up being all Glen Rice Jr and Iman Shumpert (as usual). Rice, a Tech sophomore, ended the night with a career-high 28 points and they needed every one of them as the Jackets shot a season-low 27 percent from the field. Shumpert and Rice Jr scored 45 of the teams 57 points. Ironically, the Jackets dominated the turnover battle as the Canes gave the ball up 28 times vs only 9 of the Jackets. This factor kept Georgia Tech in the basketball game and allowed Shumpert and Rice to help the Jackets claw back into the game.

The final few seconds was one of confusion and frustration for the TV viewer. As Iman Shumpert was called for a controversial call, it looked and felt like the game was over. However as Miami in-bounded the ball with 6 seconds left, Shumpert stormed down the court with only Rice Jr to defend the racing Miami player. Iman hustled enough to block the shot attempt and give Georgia Tech a final chance to desperately put the ball up for a victory. The rest of the team?....They stood there and watched.