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Virginia Cavaliers 62 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 56

The Virginia Cavaliers swept the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the 2010-2011 season. Both teams shot poorly in the second-to-last game of Alexander Memorial Coliseum but the Jackets could not match their opponents ability to make shots on the free throw line (14-19 UVA, 6-13 GT).

Iman Shumpert led Georgia Tech scoring with 12 points and Mustapha Farrakhan led the Cavaliers with 17.

In a season muddled by mediocrity and frustration, we have missed the fact that Alexander Memorial Coliseum has but one game left in its tenure. This realization is just another sad but true realization of how far we have fallen as a program. The final game will be held against Miami on Match 6.