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Be Careful! If Paul Hewitt Catches You In His Stare-Down, He Will Eject Himself!

In his 10 years at Georgia Tech, Paul Hewitt had never been ejected in a basketball game. Our basketball coach, who can stomp the floor and yell with the best of them has somehow always managed to keep his cool when needed. Ironically, it was  a stare down that put referee Roger Ayers over the edge and gave Paul Hewitt the bump.

What troubles the FTRS teams is that it took this long for the stare-down look to backfire on itself.


My stare has the abilities to wilt any team that I am given via garronte.

Odd as it may be, one can only assume it's the straws are getting weirder and weirder before the proverbial camel's back breaks. Sadly this camel, won't be able to be turned into a jacket.

What Dan Radakovich faces at the end of the year is a tough decision to make. Upgrade the Coliseum, finish paying off Chan Gailey, and then go and [maybe] buy out Paul Hewitt. (When can the AA finally move out of the red!?) Everyone knows what should happen. But will it? It's all about money. Is Georgia Tech in a position where it is feasible to buy out the basketball coach and hire a new one? Many can speculate, few can legitimately answer.