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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Sports Bars And Events

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Here at FTRS we greatly value your input and want to always better the community on this site. The Georgia Tech commui in general a small, but tightly bound, community that is spread all around the world. These characteristics make for a great opportunity for Tech fans to get together in any just about any city and enjoy a game together....if everyone knows where to meet up. Many times, this is accomplished by the local alumni club chapter and their postings on the Alumni Association's website.

From my experience the average Georgia Tech fan is the above average college athletics fan. They Georgia Tech athletics fan follows more than just football. They keep up with football, basketball and baseball, and can give a fact or two on the current status of the non-revenue sports. We want to find ways to bridge the scattering of these type of fans together.

To do this, let's focus on how we all socialize. FTRS wants to start creating a directory of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets sports bars. And for today's purposes we want to know where do you go to watch the Yellow Jackets play when you're not at the game? We will use this thread to start our directory and will keep it updated. We've created a very simple form for you to fill out so that we can start compiling the information. Or just jump in and join the discussion in the thread below.We'll publish the results soon in the future!


Thanks everyone and Go Jackets!