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Opposing Returning Starters on Georgia Tech's 2011 Football Schedule

Phil Steele broke down the returning starters for every I-A football program in America. Georgia Tech ranked 105th out of 120 with only 12 starters coming back. Out of the ACC Georgia Tech is ranked 12th out of 12 with the average ACC squad returning 15.6 starters (max of 18 from FSU/Wake).

On GT's schedule there seems to be a lot of veteran depth. UVA and Clemson both return 17 starters. NC State returns 16 while Duke brings back 15. UNC and Maryland have 14 returning starters a piece. VT and Miami return 13. Out of conference-wise, Georgie returns 17 starters, Kansas brings back 14, and Middle Tennessee only returns 12 like us.

Considering we're finally graduating a majority of Chan's magical 2006 class plus Nick Claytor and Jerrard Tarrant, I think it makes sense that we are witnessing a starter vacuum. Hopefully, the depth at running back and defensive coaching will make up for some of our relatively inexperienced starters next season. Any thoughts?