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Quick Hoops Recap: Georgia Tech defeats UGA, 68-56

Tech finally ended the Stegeman curse in a second half rout of UGA. Tech outscored the Dogs 43-27 in the second half with fairly solid halftime adjustments. Tech had five players score in double figures and Georgia seemed to lack the depth to answer any of Tech's offensive threats. The scorers were led by Jason Morris (15 points) off the bench while the defensive effort was led by big man Daniel Miller (4 blocks, 2 steals).

At half time, I was a little concerned seeing Tech trailing by 4. The free throw attempt disparity and lack of aggressive play towards the hoop appeared to really be the difference at the half way mark. Tech only attempted one free throw in the first half to Georgia's 13 (2003-esque anyone?). Tech had zero bench points and 16 points in the paint in the first half while Georgia had 18 bench points and 8 points in the paint.

At the 14:12 mark in the second half, Tech went a 10-0 run and the lead never dropped below seven. Georgia couldn't match Tech point for point or athlete for athlete. Tech's bench picked up 15 points in the second half and the free throw shooting disparity swung from 1:13 in UGA's favor to 23:21 in Tech's favor.

I was thoroughly impressed with Gregory's first outing against UGA. This is how Tech should have dealt with UGA every game since 2002 but stubborn coaching and poor halftime adjustments kept a less talented squad alive late in games. I highly recommend Tech fans watch or attend as many games as you can this season. I think this scrappy team will win a hand full of ACC games. They may not go 0.500 in the ACC but we're also not playing the early 2000's ACC competition anymore. Any thoughts from fans who attended or watched the game on FSN?