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Five Finalists Announced For Coach Of The Year Award. Who Is Your Finalist And Why?

The floor is open for discussion as to who should be the Eddie Robinson Coach Of The Year. The Football Writers Association of America has named a Coach Of The Year since 1955 and in 1997, the award was named in honor of the legendary Grambling University football coach.

2011 saw insurgency among some non-traditional powerhouse schools, a university come back from the dead, and typical LSU.


Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Cowboys

OKSU was shut out of the SEC's vise-grip of the BCS but solidified its first outright conference championship since 1948.

Brady Hoke, Michigan Wolverines

Took Rich Rodriguez's team and took them to the Sugar Bowl. Beat Ohio State for the first time in seven years.

Les Miles, LSU Tigers

What to say here that people don't know already?

Bill Snyder, Kansas State Wildcats

Came out of retirement and turned Kansas State around to a 10-2 team that is Cotton Bowl bound.

Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers

ACC Champions for the first time since 1991.

There is a variety of reasons these coaches were nominated, some are here for consistency, others are up here for taking the reins of a program and turning it around. Who's your favorite and why?