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While I Bite My Nails, Kill Time And Try To Forget That I Am Waiting To See Tech Play For The Last Time Before They Take A Nine Month Break . . .

Let's talk last minute recruiting for just a minute. I am going to speak in round numbers here, O.K.?

So let's say Tech has about 12 offers out right now to some pretty outstanding football athletes. Let's say, just to keep it simple, that the average number of scholarships these players are fielding is around 12 with some getting as many as 30 offers from big time programs.

Here are the questions. Does it matter if Tech is at or near the top of a particular athletes list? Does it matter if Tech is a first choice over teams like LSU and Alabama if the list also includes Southern Cal, Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame?

In some cases Georgia has also offered which strikes me as a fairly rare event since the kind of athletes the two schools are interested in rarely seems to overlap. The question here is simple. Should either Tech or Georgia win out against all of the other competition do you think either school will make a big deal out of it? (I know that was a no-brainer but I had to throw it in).

Finally, out of the scholarships that are still on the table how many do you think will be influenced by either a Tech win or Tech loss today?