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Ramblin' Reck Trip - Day 1

We want to invite you on a journey with us and the one and only Ramblin’ Reck (@TheRamblinReck and We want you to be able to experience the cramped quarters that we find ourselves in on the way to El Paso as we haul our beloved mascot to the Sun Bowl. We want you be involved with our ridiculousness. We want you to wish that you could hear Stephen Webber singing along to every single song on the radio. We want you to feel like you are right there with us on the highway, but first, we’ll have to introduce you to your fellow travel buddies.

Mike "Mike" Macmillan – 2011 Driver of the Ramblin’ Reck. Mike is the purveyor of fine vehicles and even finer women. He is a first year Alumnus in Aerospace Engineering, but he can handle cars well, too. His favorite movie is Titanic, and he also enjoys long walks on the beach and in the garage. Mike currently has two job offers and is working in the President’s office until he enters the real world.

Stephen "The Juggernaut" Webber – 2012 Driver of the Ramblin’ Reck. Steve is a third year Business Administration major. He currently has a terrible case of the hiccups, but normally indulges in Katy Perry and Lady Gaga sing-a-longs. Three things he can’t live without: Sweet Tea, Taylor Swift, and the Ramblin’ Reck.

Mad Dog "Madison" Clark – 2012 President of Ramblin’ Reck Club. She is a fourth year Building Construction major. Madison lives on an island and is the coolest person you’ll ever meet. Madison is excited for El Paso, but may have considerable trouble finding something to eat due to her distaste of Mexican food and tequila.

John "Nooj" Noojin – 2012 Vice President of Ramblin’ Reck Club. John is a fourth year Biomedical Engineering major and in Navy ROTC. With this trip, John will complete the sweep of the football season, and will come away with a lot of stories for his grandkids. His grandkids will probably wonder how he survived. John may have the most expansive playlist of Kanye West, which I’m sure we will become accustomed to when he is takes control of the driver’s seat (because he is the best rapper alive).

Sheila – Our GPS that annoyingly reminds us how much further we have to go. We wish we had been a little more prepared and downloaded the Morgan Freeman Voiceover, which would have been a perfect fit for Sheila. If we didn’t need her so badly, Sheila would be the first to be put in the trailer.

**None of us wrote our own bios

As we make our way down I-20, we have been able to experience 5:00 o’clock traffic twice. We have also shared excitement in the cab of the truck when the speed limit increased from 45 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour. Mike almost needed help from an Alabama native, John, in translating a gas station cashier’s southern drawl as we stopped to fill up on gas. Zaxby’s was, of course, on our itinerary, and Stephen was polite enough to say "Thank you Zaxby’s, you pleasured me well," as we left with full stomachs. Our destination for the evening is three hours away, where we will be able to enjoy the company of Chris Curtis or Curtis Curtis, and his little brother, George, who we all know is the cooler Curtis.