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Take It To The House Georgia Tech

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So I've been sitting in a room up here in Bloomington, Indiana today, reflecting on the past week and thinking how quickly Thursday night football games sneak up on you. It's early Wednesday morning as my thoughts get put together and my mind is 80% on work 20% football. I am supposed to be counting inventory. As the day moves on, my focus on stock counting has had the potential to deteriorate. By the time this gets published it's about 7pm Wednesday night and I'm high up in the sky heading back to Atlanta.

Hokie fans are starting to talk real big, like yeah, REAL BIG. They want to see their squad slap us straight up first play of the game. Hokie fans are nervous. The expectations are on them, always are. And now they're afraid that Georgia Tech is going to take the rug right out from under them.

Virginia Tech is scared of what they have to face tomorrow night.

There's a big game looming on Thursday. Thursday night yet again. Paul Johnson is 2-1 on Thursday night. 1-2 against the Hokies. The games have surely been close and full of drama but we've seemed to come up short more times than any of us want. They know it is only a matter of time until the Yellow Jackets swoop in and gain control of the Coastal. 

I know Virginia still controls the division but I'm overlooking them and I'll be blatant about it. Georgia Tech controls its future Thursday night. If not for the division, for the perception of the success of the season. The Virginia Tech Hokies can be the 8th regular season win where the Yellow Jackets were predicted to be lucky if they got to 7. 

The rivalry between Virginia Tech is a good one. There's not a lot of hate but lots of banter. On Thursday, that day there'll be no love. It's time for a beat down. It's time to take over and lay claim.

ESPN saw us pick apart and embarrass Clemson. This is not the time to roll over and pull a Virginia or a Miami. The time for consistency is now. The time for winning is now.