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Georgia Tech vs. VPISU: Hokies Bring In Smaller Personnel To Battle Triple Option

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Yesterday on  GobblerCountry a discussion came out of the subject that Virginia Tech had altered it's defensive line to a lighter and maybe quicker squad in hopes of combatting our versatility in the option and those darn cut blocks. 

So here's the defensive lineup that Georgia Tech will initially see Thursday night:


J.R. Collins moves over from defensive end to defensive tackle and replaces Luther Maddy, a much slower (fatter?) lineman. Tyrel Wilson comes in to defensive end. 

Georgia Tech welcomes back guard Will Jackson and center Jay Finch. Both players had been out with injuries and the off week did them good. Tech fans should expect some more stability on the offensive line this week. 


Virginia Tech averages 6.75 feet 6'1 3/4" and 254 pounds on the DL. Georgia Tech is taller and larger than the Hokies at an average of 6'3" feet and 290 pounds. 

Over the past three seasons, Virginia Tech  has not necessarily been able to contain the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket rushing attack. In all three years of the Paul Johnson era the Hokies have allowed more yards than the Tech season average. 2008: (289 > 273), 2009: (309 > 295), 2010: (346 > 323). In each of those games, the Virginia Tech defensive line averaged only 16 tackles per game.  You can look to Joe Vellano of Maryland to lead in tackles against Georgia Tech. The Terrapin defensive tackle accounted for a total of 17 (14 solo 6 assisted) tackles against Tech earlier this year.