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Week 11 BlogPoll Draft

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Jesse: I honestly didn't want to move Bama out of second even with the loss, but if there are any other teams that would give them a hard fight, it has to be OKST and Stanford, and since they are both undefeated, I moved them up to 2nd and 3rd respectively with Bama in 4th. Boise St, Oregon, Oklahoma, TCU, Arkansas, and Penn St round out the remainder of the top ten. Yes, Penn St. They have only one loss and it's to Bama. I can't fault them for that one. The rest don't really matter.
OrientalNC: My top teams have shifted around a bit. I "punished" Bama for those missed FGs by pushing them down one place. I flipped OKSU and Stanford, pushing The Cardinal into #2. I am nervous about this ranking, as the PAC-12 seems to be far weaker than anyone realized. I moved Georgia up and introduced UVA to my rankings. I still think LSU or Bama should be national champs. They are crushingly good on D.
Winfield: How about Nebraska and South Carolina? I never wanted to keep on ranking them like I had been but I fell for their disguises time and again and now they show me that they are who I thought they were!