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Will you be watching football on TV this Saturday?

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There are no really compelling ACC games this weekend, so I am browsing the TV schedule to see which games might be of interest.  After all, I have to do a bit of real time research for my blog poll ballot!

If you are an ACC purest, there are two games with mild Coastal Division interest. Virginia is on the road at Maryland in a game I would enjoy watching if either team had an offense.  I am thinking UVA will win this one by less than a TD with less than three TDs.  Locally, UNC travels 25 miles to play NC State in Raleigh.  This game is a real yawner for anyone outside NC, it will be the game playing in all the bars here in Oriental on Saturday afternoon.  If you're in town, I'll buy you a beer while we watch the game.  I picked UNC to win.

Later in the day, the Aggies of the SEC make what could be their final trip to Norman and play #6 Oklahoma.  If the A&M team that climbed into my top 25 earlier this year makes the trip, this could be a good game.  It's on abc nationally, so enjoy.  Saturday night, the other team from Oklahoma hosts Kansas State in a game that would normally be the featured game on espn.  Both are ranked and have exciting offenses.  But, no one outside their fan bases will watch.  Why?  Read on.

My next door neighbor is a South Carolina grad and plans to watch the entire USCeast game against Arkansas at 7:15.  Both teams are ranked in the top 10, so it would also be the game to watch most of the time.  I will be recording this one, because I want to watch ALL of the LSU-Alabama game.  Since last year's Auburn-Oregon game, this one is the most anticipated game.  It would be a shame to miss it.

Who are you watching?  If not these games, convince us to join you.